Patient Rights

No patient is refused access to clinical assessment or medical treatment on the basis of gender, race, disability, Aboriginality, age, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual preference or medical condition. Provisions are implemented to ensure patients with a disability can access our services.

Patient privacy and confidentiality is assured for consultations and in medical and accounts records, appointments, telephone calls and electronic media including computer information.

Patients have a right to access their personal health information and may request to view their record or obtain a copy.

Patients have the right to refuse any treatment, advice or procedure. Our general practitioners discuss all aspects of treatment and will offer alternatives should a patient seek another medical opinion.

Patients are provided with sufficient information about the purpose, importance, benefits, risks and possible costs associated with proposed investigations, referrals or treatments to enable patients to make informed decisions about their health.

Patient consent is also sought for participation in our health reminder systems and any research projects we may participate in. Patients are advised that any prior consent given can be withdrawn at any time.

Abusive Behaviour Policy

Coster Street Medical Practice has zero tolerance for any form of abusive behaviour displayed towards our staff. Should a patient be found to be aggressive or abusive towards our team we will exercise the right to refuse any further treatment for that patient.

An appropriate risk management strategy is followed when exercising this right which includes ensuring that:

The patient has been provided reasons why they cannot have ongoing treatment by the practitioner/practice
The patient has been provided with alternative possible treatment locations
Any complaints that may arise are dealt with according to the complaints procedure, and
Full documentation of the actions taken to the above is recorded in the patient’s health record.

Our practice will endeavour to assist such patients with ongoing care, including the provision of a written referral to other healthcare providers and a transfer of any medical history.

Email Policy

Our practice is mindful that even if patients have provided electronic contact details, they may not be proficient in communicating via electronic means and patient consent needs to be obtained before engaging in electronic communication. Electronic communication includes email and facsimile only Coster street Medical practice does not use Short Message Service (SMS).

Electronic communication with patients is not encouraged due to privacy issues.

Whilst not encouraged, our practice allows patients an opportunity to obtain advice or information related to their care by electronic means, but only where the general practitioner determines that a face-to-face consultation is unnecessary and that communication by electronic means is suitable. Our practice will only provide information that is of a general, non-urgent nature and will not initiate electronic communication with patients. Any electronic communication received from patients is also used as a method to verify the contact details we have recorded on file are correct and up-to-date.

Kew work practices include:

All significant electronic contact with patients is recorded in the patient health records.
Patients are informed of any costs incurred prior to electronic consultations.
Practice staff and doctors are aware of alternative modes of communication used by the disabled.
Communication is conducted with appropriate regard to the privacy laws relating to health information and confidentiality of the patients health information. Our practice also has an automatic email response system set up so that whenever an email is received into the practice, the sender receives an automated message reinforcing information regarding these risks.

All members of the practice team are made aware of our policy regarding electronic communication with patients during induction, and are reminded of this policy on an ongoing basis. They are made aware that electronic communications could be forwarded, intercepted, printed and stored by others. Each member of the practice team holds full accountability for emails sent in their name or held in their mailbox, and they are expected to utilise this communication tool in an acceptable manner. This includes, but is not limited to:

Limiting the exchange of personal emails
Refraining from responding to unsolicited or unwanted emails
Deleting hoaxes or chain emails
Email attachments from unknown senders are not to be opened
Virus checking all email attachments
Maintaining appropriate language within electronic communications
Ensuring any personal opinions are clearly indicated as such, and
Confidential information (e.g. patient information) must be encrypted.

Our practice reserves the right to check an individual’s email accounts as a precaution to fraud, viruses, workplace harassment or breaches of confidence by members of the practice team. Inappropriate use of the email facility will be fully investigated and may be grounds for dismissal.

The practice uses an email disclaimer notice on outgoing emails that are affiliated with the practice stating: This message is confidential and should only be used by the intended addressee.  If you were sent this email by mistake, please inform us by reply email and then destroy this message.  The contents of this email are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Coster Street Practice.

Practice Privacy Policy

This Practice complies with all privacy legislation and patients can be assured of our diligence around the way, and circumstances under which, personal information is collected, stored, used and disclosed.

If interested please see the receptionist for a copy of our Privacy Statement or full Policy.

Please let the receptionist know as soon as possible if any of your personal details changes such as Medicare Number, address, contact phone numbers, next of kin and so on.

Complaints & Complaints Process

If you have any complaints about our service, please feel free to discuss this with the staff member who provided the service, with one of our doctors, or with the Practice Manager. Patients also have opportunities to register their complaints in writing (letter), via our suggestion box or via the online complaints form. Patients can complain anonymously if desired.

If any matter remains unresolved, you may contact the Health Services Commissioner at Level 30, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000 or by phone on 1800 136 066.

The complaints form can be download by clicking the link below. You may need Adobe Acrobat to open and view PDF files.


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