Our Services

Family Medicine
Our team provides continuing and comprehensive health care for all ages.

Skin Checks and Excisions
We can provide skin checks with any of our doctors and can offer minor surgery and other treatments in the clinic if any suspicious lesions are found.

Wound Care
Our team are able to provide wound care for acute and chronic wounds.

Nursing Home Visits
Our doctors regularly visit the local nursing homes to manage and provide care to our patients who are residents there.

Home Visits
Our doctors may do home visits for patients who are unable to attend the practice. Patients should call the practice to seek advice.

Palliative Care
Our doctors are dedicated and go above and beyond in providing care and support for patients living with a life-limiting illness and their families.

Some of our doctors provide anaesthetic assistance with surgeries conducted at Benalla Health by visiting specialists

Diabetic Education and Management
Our team are able to provide education in the management of diabetes and ongoing care and follow-up with our diabetic patients.

Chronic Disease Management
Our team can develop chronic disease management plans for eligible patients to ensure their conditions are being managed appropriately and by the most appropriate team of health professionals.

We undertake all government funded immunisations including childhood immunisations.

Mental Health Management
We can offer longer appointments for patients with mental health conditions and can develop Mental Health Care plans when required.

Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5:30pm

Call 03 5762 2538 for Appointments

Always Call 000 in an Emergency

Accredited General Practice